Actually, I use both the Gossen Sixtomat and the Sixtino, but they aren't spot meters. They both work incredibly well, so it's not an issue with no meter. Between the spot meter on my 7D and my 2 handheld meters, I'm ok, just curious about this and anyone's experience. Mightn't this be handy, with some modification and calculations, as a learning tool, perhaps? Even as a bit of an experiment in exposure calculation and lighting awareness, something can be gained.

Based on your comment about having used an extinction meter, I take it they're slightly more than useless in most situations.

I didn't mean to come across as someone who's just looking for the cheap way out, or something. I love learning something every chance I get, and learning the way things used to be done, helps bring home an awareness of the work that the old masters actually did. I even try to cook the old ways my folks made things, and teach my daughter some of it. Using old techniques and tools keeps our past richly alive for those who come after us to share in it.

BTW- $50 is about 40 sheets of film, so yeah the potential for throwing money into a bonfire could be quite high!