I have a Rolleicord va xenar, rolleiflex automat mx tessar, yashica c with triplet lens for medium format.

The va cord is my least favorite. It's got a ugly bokeh with 5 blade aperture. If you want fully manual operation, it's EV features get in the way of setting aperture and shutter. If you want something like A/S priority, the EV features do that. It's lightweight like the yashica. I got a super deal on it, but otherwise I'm not impressed.

The Yashica is light and awesome for closer shots (4-10 feet), but a tiny bit soft for use at infinity. A yashica D or newer yashica would likely have a 4-element lens which would be sharp under more conditions. Wide open close up, mine even gets a little swirly.

The automat mx rolleiflex is my favorite. It is really nice to use, sharp under all conditions, distances, f stops. I paid $200 and something for it and it's worth every penny in terms of function and style and image quality.