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JohnW, I work now in a laboratory for processing black & white movie film “National University of Theatre and Cinematography Arts “IL Caragiale” from Romania (http://www.unatc.ro/ ).
Since 1980, when I work in film, preparation of solutions for film development from raw chemical with a purity were photo standard .
Purity of these substances was around 97- 99 %, according to the standards for photo use.
High purity chemicals we use in laboratory chemical analysis (reagent).
I assume that your`s boric acid can be used without problems in the preparation of the developer.
Borax with boric acid is pH buffer.

George, I agree with you 100% or at least 99%. Just a joke! You are right in that it's not like I have to take this stuff orally and would worry about what that mystery 1% was. Of course we are eating much worse things out of a can or grocery store and don't know it. You're also right about Borax and Boric Acid together be pH buffer and that's why it's in the old Ilford ID-68 developer. Later I might mix some with the roach powder and then some with the "real" Boric Acid and play with the two. JohnW