I've been reading about instant film cameras and wow is it a complicated subject and history.

there's the discontinued production of polaroid film, apparently fuji has discontinued ?certain or all? instant film, and the impossible project's film seems too rough and unreliable.

there's the apparent flagship model of polaroid's, the sx-70, where the 680 and 690 seem to be the best. doesn't seem like fuji or kodak ever topped these cameras.

then there's polaroid backs, which i can find no history of. did polaroid specially make these backs? other companies? are all polaroid backs taken off of previously used polaroid cameras? is there only a certain list of cameras these backs can be put on, or are the possibilities endless? there's holga backs, hasselblad backs, mamiya backs, graflex backs, i think another brand i can't think of at the moment.

my question is basically the title of this post, but i should clarify a few things. well i basically have three questions.

1) what is the best camera, or camera with back, ever made that can use instant film in terms of manual features? that is to say, which camera in terms of different shutter speeds, aperture control, manual and/or auto focus, flash, etc.

2) what is the best instant film ever made in terms of best photo quality/chemical process?

3) this is my main question, which could vary from the answers to questions 1 and 2. let's say i want to use the best instant film available in 2013 which can be most likely assumed to continue being made. what camera and/or back with what film (that is made in 2013 and will continue being made) would produce the highest quality instant photographs?

Hopefully there's some polaroid freaks out there. There's a lot of parameters to consider to answer these questions, and I think it would take me hours of research to answer them myself.

I'm also open to the best possible instant film camera with back that uses the best instant film that is NO LONGER made. that is if it's worth it, to possibly buy the film in bulk from someone who hopefully's kept it in the freezer. that's why i asked question 2 on its own. and even if the answers to these questions would be quite expensive, it'd still be interesting to know if i ever have that kind of money lying around. i can always get the polaroid big shot in the mean time!