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I'm ready to reorder photo supplies and intend to print more on Galerie. I've used Galerie before but never as my standard paper. With EMAKS graded gone I wish to print more on Galerie. I recall Galerie has inky blacks, very clean/white highlights and broad midtones. When untoned, the grey tones have a, just to the left of neutral, pencil lead look. Toned in KRST the lead tone cools off.

What is the KSRT ratio/time which offers print protection while not cooling off the tone?

Can experienced printers recommend a developer which would bend Galerie print tones to something different (warmer) than the Dektol look. Ive used 130, LPD, Dektol, Ilford PQ, Ilford Unltigrade, Liquidal, ECO 4812, and a few others. LPD is my current standard.

Any user comments on Galerie graded welcome.
I have used Galerie with LPD, and I use it replenished, which means a concentration similar to 1:2, but with all the bromides in the developer there is a distinctive soft-working quality. It gives a hint of warmth with the paper too, which I find appealing. If you're using LPD, try 1:2 or 1:3 for warmer tones than stock or 1:1.