I am day dreaming about doing RA4 at home....

I already have a color enlarger and since I do B&W work, most of the stuff are already here. My concern is over chemistry.

I know I can buy all sorts of kits or chemistry individually. According to a tech note by Kodak and notes by kit manufacturers, once mixed to a working solution lasts weeks not months even in full bottles. In tray, 4 hours. That basically mean an evening of fun will cost me at least 20 dollars in chems.

Seems chems for 1 liter cost about $20 no matter how I do this. When I do 8x10, 750cc to 1 liter is what I use for trays. I know tube uses less but I don't think I can control a dev time of 1 minute adequately evenly for all corners of paper if I have to pour and roll.

Somewhere on APUG, I read a post by someone that basically said the chems for RA4 are "so cheap" it makes no sense to stress over keeping properties. It doesn't seem cheap to me.

Am I missing something or have an awfully big misconception/misunderstanding?

Couple more questions while I'm at this....

Is RA4 development done to completion like B&W?
Does temp/time variation result in color shift or just under/over development?
How in the heck do you guys do this in complete darkness???