Unless you leave your paper out for much longer than you need to expose it and then place in a tray/Nova slot processor/Jobo or other makes drum, then you will be safe at a light intensity that allows you to see what you are doing.

I am in the U.K. so my chem costs may bear no relation to yours. It is also dependent on the period within which you use the chems and how many prints you do.

If RA4 printing becomes a regular hobby then Kodak or Digibase chemicals become quite cheap. If you print once in a blue moon then dev does eventually go off and home processing can become expensive.

I'd get a thermostatically controlled Nova processor anyway. It is great for B&W as well. Until you are sure about wanting to do RA4 you might want to try as small kit a kit as you can get.

A Jobo processor is another possibility. This will do both C41 and RA4 via tanks and paper drums.

If you abandon C41 and RA4 you can sell the processor for what you paid.

There is a mass of threads on RA4, Kodak and Digibase chems etc. Do a search and have a look at them