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Michael, apologies to you and others. I know that to some people, the quality of their developers or processing is not a serious proposition. I myself take it very seriously and do my measurements to the same standards I used at EK. This actually included B+F or with Dmin and without B+F depending on the purposes of the work.

My work area is messy, but very very well equipped. I even graph on Kodak paper as can be seen in some of my posts. I''m used to making my measurements and calculations from those curves.

I get it, but when you say we're doing "R&D" here, I have to disagree a little. The H&D curves are not being generated from contacting, granularity and acutance are not being measured using microdensitometry etc. So all things considered, plotting net density is probably a relatively minor source of error if at all. Anyhow, onward and foward as they say.