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1) what is the best camera, or camera with back, ever made that can use instant film in terms of manual features? that is to say, which camera in terms of different shutter speeds, aperture control, manual and/or auto focus, flash, etc.
a) mamiya universal / polaroid 600SE, interchangeable lenses, but they are quite heavy.
b) polaroid 195 /180, depends on what viewer you prefer + close-up and portrait kit.
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2) what is the best instant film ever made in terms of best photo quality/chemical process?
polaroid b&w film which gave you a negative. hopefully the 55 project begins commercializing their stuff soon.
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3) this is my main question, which could vary from the answers to questions 1 and 2. let's say i want to use the best instant film available in 2013 which can be most likely assumed to continue being made. what camera and/or back with what film (that is made in 2013 and will continue being made) would produce the highest quality instant photographs?
the same cameras, both use fuji fp film.