Picked this up for $9.95 (+ shipping, of course). The 60 second versions of these old Time-o-lites exist in the zillions. At any given time, there are probably 15-20 on the auction site. I still have 2 that I don't use anymore, and gave a 3rd one away a few years ago.

Anyway, just came across this one and snapped it up. Needs cleaning, but works perfectly and is surprisingly accurate. It will replace the old Spiratone "Darkroom Director" for timing prints in the developer. The electronic Spiratone will eventually die and the mechanical Time-o-Lite probably never will!

Also, in looking through all the ones for sale, I came across (but did not buy) a 60 MINUTE version. Didn't know that Industrial Timer Corporation made that one either, but it shouldn't be surprising. GraLab also made all kinds of timers for applications other than the darkroom.