I shot a couple of rolls back in the summer, and I certainly agree with the points already made: it has a definite "warm" tonality, it is very grainy (even for a 200-speed slide film), and I would shoot my next roll at 160 rather than 200, as most of my shots are slightly underexposed at 200. However, despite all of this, I do rather like it! It is certainly characterful (i.e. not neutral!), and in some ways rather "old fashioned" in the way it interprets rather than simply copies the subject (I'll leave the latter to the non-analogue guys!). I wouldn't say that it's particularly similar to Kodachrome in either tonality or grain, though. Try some......you'll either love it or hate it.......you certainly won't be ambivalent! I've attached the only scan that I've made so far, and because it was shot at dusk it doesn't really tell you very much......but I'll hopefully scan some more slides in the next few days' and post a few more.