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that talk about using a small flashlight that is masked with a bit of neutral density filter (which could be nothing more than a bit of exposed and processed film leader) that you can use to flash specific highlight areas. I've tried that - it does work, but it's tricky to get the right amount of contrast reduction and avoid creating an obvious abnormal shadow.

Well I have read about this technique... I will argue that this is impossible to do... If you think about it
Bob I have a DauxLite II. It is a flash light like tool with a turret style cap on the front with varying size holes from 1mm to 5mm, it also has VC filters to add on. You choose the hole size and vc filter, after you finish exposing your print you swing in the red filter and turn your enlarger on so you can see what your doing and paint with light and I count out the seconds. A test print or two is all it usually takes. It works well with very small hot spots. I got mine years ago at B&H but I don't think they are being made anymore.