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Dave, curious what you use for your enlarger? I find my Darkroom Director an ideal enlarger timer and an old Gra lab timer very quick and useful for development times.
I use the RH Designs StopClock Pro for enlarging. I use a GraLab for film development.

On the printing side, I develop MGIV for a full 3 minutes. I was using the darkroom director as a process timer of sorts. I would program the develop, stop and fix time in channels 1,2,3, and then again in 4,5,6 and 7,8,9. Cycling through using the foot switch was easy. However, I had to punch in the times each darkroom session since it is prone to "forgetting" the set time in random channels. I've had 2 of them. this timer will just simplify things, as it will simply stay at 3 minutes - or whatever I move the hand to (60 seconds for RC). I really don't need a timer for stop and I can look at the clock for fixer.

I'll keep the Spiratone, since I can see where it would be useful if I was ever doing a complicated multi-step (more than 2) dodging and burning print and wanted to make multiple copies.