I'm awaiting response from Craig. I'm guessing it may answer my three questions (one of them I figured out already - the data imprint back). I shot a roll of it today. The camera seems to work fine, which is good. I have a handful of missed shots just because probably I'm trying to get used to the quirks of the camera (quite different from an SLR/TLR). Some of the shots though, gorgeous. I'll try and post some once I'm through scanning the roll.

Some quick questions, though...

Anybody have any tricks for making sure the exact point you're wanting to focus on is in fact in focus. I tried a shot of someone in a mirror, and it ended up focusing on the back, not the reflection in the mirror (the face). I guess just centre on the specific focal point and then re-adjust with the shutter halfway pressed.

The other, bigger question is about failed shutter release. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is very annoying because with street you can miss a shot within a second. I know for a fact I'm further than 0.7m, so I shouldn't have the camera buggered up. However, I depress the shutter halfway to get the focus, then try to press all the way down, but when I do, nothing happens. The camera simply doesn't release the shutter and make an exposure. Very annoying.

Otherwise, the camera is a delight. Absolutely awesome for street. I'm amazed at how little some people noticed me. So, so much quieter than my clunky F90 (and this is without silent mode). The photos are sharp and detailed. Lovely.