OK, so I just realized that I'm really pimping my 2x3 Century Graphic, which is leading me away from my Mamiya Universal kit (which is wonderful). Instead of letting it rot, I would like somebody to have it, preferably as a kit, but if I don't get a bite, I might parse it out. This is a feeler ad. Photos to come later.

Kit includes:

Mamiya Univerisal "Press" camera, with grip, shutter release, good, calibrated rangefinder.
6x9 roll film back (with winder, slightly problematic but perfectly useable)
2x polaroid backs, beautiful.
the wonderful 100mm f2.8 lens, great condition
the fabulous 50mm f6.3 lens with lens shade and view finder, great condition

I'm thinking a clean 1G for this entire kit, net to me.