I have been feeling a bit depressed lately, so I have bought three (err - four, actually) cameras this week.

1) Halina 35X - a cheap and nasty that actually works quite well after being liberally doused in clock oil.

2) Bencini Comet S - takes 127 film which is a tad expensive for my taste so this one is just for looking at - it looks fine, BTW.

3) Exa IB - only had it a few hours but I like Exakta and Exa cameras so this one is definitely a user. Shutter is a bit stiff but a couple of hours dry firing will probably sort that.

4) Olympia (no, not Olympus) - a very well designed, very cheap camera - very plasticky . It has a special focus-free lens (their name: looks to be a meniscus lens), four apertures, a motor drive, two (yes, two!) viewfinders - one conventional hold-to-the-eye finder and a waist-level finder and a curved film 'plane' to allow for the meniscus lens. I shall put a roll through this just to see how well or not it works, but it will not be a user.