I'd like to photograph in medium format. So I'm looking to buy my first MF camera.
With 35mm I mostly like the smaller camera's. Like an Olympus XA for example. Since I take it far more easily with me.
But I guess Medium Format is for the more controlled photographs. It's not the camera you take with you every time.

Camera's that got my interest:

Mamiya 6 (Expensive) + slow lenses for low light photography
Fuji Ga645 (Sound?) + slow lens for low light photography
Fuji Gs645w (Zone Focus=Portrait ) + slow lens for low light photography
Mamiya Universal (Slower lenses/Fragile?) + mostly very slow lenses for low light photography
Pentax 67 with grip (Camera porn)

I think I'd love the mamiya 6. Only problem is it's fairly expensive. I'm able to buy the body near where I live reasonably priced, around 300 euro. But than I have to search a lens which isn't too expensive which seems to be impossible.

The Fuji Ga 645 seems to stand up well against the mamiya 6. Things that scares me are the focus, it's AF. And is it really laggy? Or am I just worried too much? I'm not really a sports photographer nor a birds photographer but I don't like to have to press the button 4 times to get the picture. Also the sound it makes is it okay? Or more than okay?
The Fuji Ga 645 has certainly my interest since it's priced around 300 - 400 euro. (Things to watch out for when buying one? I heard of the Lcd?)

The Gs645S or W downside seems to be zone focus? Good thing about zone focusing is that it's fast. Downside is the accuracy. Or am I wrong?

Mamiya Universal has most of the time very slow lenses. At first I loved how it looked, but the more I'm exploring the net the more I find myself attracted to the other camera's.

Pentax 67 with the grip of course! It's very sexy. Professional looking. It has wide range of lens choices. Some are pretty fast for MF.
It's bulkier than the Mamiya 6 and the Fuji's which will make me think twice before taking the camera with me though. I certainly want one in the future, but maybe now is not the time? As a first camera?. Also when they are reasonably priced in or near my country they come and go very quickly. (Too quick)

You probably will advise me a Mamiya 645 system or the Rb67 but I don't like those. I don't know why, they seem so ultra bulky not practical.