Thanks for the fast reply.
I know I didn't add the texas leica's aka Fuji Gw690. But I haven't seen those a lot in my country. And their pricing comes close to a Mamiya 6 with lens.
The Bronica RF645 is also pretty rare I think?
TLR's and Foldables (old ones) are indeed less expensive. But no metering, slower, and more fragile. I'd like to have something not too fragile.
Is the Fuji Ga645 60mm f4 good for portraits too? I'm having an option for around 300 Eur.
I don't shoot a ton of portraits, just sometimes. I'm more all-round Portrait-Archetecture-Objects-Rooms-Spaces-Landscapes-Street-...
Fuji Ga645 60mm f4 or Ga645 Zi Zoom?