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I use GP3, and I've had a couple of packs that certainly seemed "hand rolled in the dark" - one roll had the emulsion side facing the backing paper.
But it is quite incredibly cheap, even allowing for the odd roll going awry.
I wouldn't use it if my living depended on it, but it doesn't, so I do. Nice tones, nice grain. I like it in Caffenol
My living doesn't depend on any film anymore so I guess I can try it. I would really like to find a film as close to Kodaks old B&W VerichromePan film and that's why I'm looking into the Arista/Foma films, but I don't have my hopes set to high. Maybe GP3 is closer? I'll know after I try it, but I have 10 rolls of Arista EDU 100 in 120 to go through first. JohnW