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JohnW, boric acid you should find at the pharmacy. It is used for neutralization of alkali accidentally coming into contact with the body. Once, in first aid kits at work and had to be bottle with a solution of boric acid.

Yes, I will visit my pharmacy tomorrow and see if they have it. I remember, as a small boy, my father plastered houses for a living and the second or finish coat was a mix of lime and gauging plaster. The lime was very caustic and every once in a while you would end up splattering some in your eye. It burned like heck and you had to get it out or it could cause very serious eye sight problems. My father got a glob in his eye and thought he had got it all out, but a day or so later he knew for sure it was still there. He went to one old doctor and that doc thought he had got it out, but a day or so later his eye was still very bad. He then made a trip to an eye doctor and he found the lime, cleaned his eye and sent him home. The eye specialist had him mix some Boric acid and distilled water, put it in a shot glass and then put the shot glass over his eye. He was to then open his eye and look up-down-side to side several times a day. In a day or so his eye was much better. I learned very early that acids aren't the only thing that can get you if the concentration is high enough. JohnW