@kb3lms: If I recall, you used a different amount of PG when mixing, so you'll use a different weight from the 23 g/L I mentioned above. Of course, you can measure by volume instead. The different PG also might mean that your dev-time will be a little different from mine. Let us know how it goes.

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What's a Mol? As in: Sodium metaborate 4 mol 2.2 g
Is this a different Sodium metaborate than found at Photographers Formulary?
You may think this a dumb question and perhaps it is, but ... I want to be sure I have the correct chemistry.
Thanks for your efforts, they are appreciated.
Bruce, actually, you bring up an interesting question. Folks get confused because the names of sodium metaborate changed decades ago as folks got a better understanding of its structure. The old and new names don't match, causing confusion. Sodium metaborate 4 mol is also called "sodium metaborate dihydrate" because each molecule has two water molecules attached to it. Yes, the Formulary sells the correct kind, and in fact I bought mine from the Formulary.

Mark Overton