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On the low light, that is true. It's just a point a made, but maybe a useless point. Sorry for that.
Maybe me learning to use a flash could do wonders
I suppose it depends on what you consider "low", and how fast your film is and how much you're willing to push (remembering that grain is less of a concern in MF than in 35mm). It's kind of unusual to find a medium-format lens faster than f/2.8, but f/2.8 at 1/50 will get you to a fairly low light level with reasonable parameters, I think. The shallow depth of field becomes a challenge, but there's nothing wrong with the occasional challenge.

About the Pentax 645 is not my taste, it's very bulky unpractical looking. I'd take a Pentax 67 any time over the 645.
I've never shot one, but I handled one in a store and the Pentax 67 is *big*. There are people who handhold them, and there are people who say that the people who handhold them are insane, and I guess it would be good to find out which group you fall into before spending that much money on one...