I'm joining this thread late and if it's been answered already, I apologize. The black Hexar had the silent mode. Not all the Hexar units made had that mode after they were sued by Minolta (ironic that Konica is now part of Minolta and Sony). Silent mode was truly one of the more important aspects of the camera and I wouldn't have purchased it if it didn't have it. To get silent mode you just need to press and hold the M button while the camera is off, then while still pressing M switch the camera on. If an "L" shows up next to your frame counter you're good to go.

The date imprinting was only available on one or two models. Wish my black unit had it.

I've been shooting with my Hexar since the 1990's or a few years after it came out. I purchased mine used and it was nothing but trouble when I first got it. It went back to Konica more times than I could count and it got to a point that Konica had the camera longer than I had it in my hands. However, after that initial pain I finally got to use it and it had been my go to camera for basically decades. Never had a problem since the initial days of ownership. I think 90% of my pictures were taken with the Hexar. I didn't post many of the pictures I took with the camera, but I did post some if you'd like examples. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathant...7629604314421/