Normally, I'd suggest a Hasselblad, but it sounds like you want to hold the camera to your eye, rather that look at ground glass?

If so, reconsider a folder, does refurbished ones, and they are way better than the price would suggest. I was after a GF670 but instead "settled" for a Zeiss Super Ikonta III. I quickly realised I did not settle at all, and got a beautiful camera.

TLRs are great if you don't mind ground glass, 300 euros will buy you a surprisingly nice Rolleiflex, which are just beautiful cameras.

Bronica RF645 may be beyond budget, but they are small, and highly modern, if you like the idea of built in meters, aperture priority modes etc.

If you're shooting C41 negative film, I find meters are largely optional, but it's a personal choice.