I'm trying to cure my GAS and clean everything out, so that I can focus on my shooting this year, and not my collecting. I'm selling everything that I haven't used, do not currently use, and don't foresee myself using in the future.

All prices are negotiable, please don't low ball me. Shipping is additional and covered by buyer. Paypal, cash, money order, or personal checks accepted. (must clear before shipping) All sales final, I'll do my best to describe all items.

Nikon FM Kit - $175
Includes 50mm 1.8, and 28mm 2.8, both are series E. Also includes MD12 grip, heliopan 52mm filter, rubber lens shade, and FM manual. Has not been CLA'd but it works great. I just haven't used it, nor thought about using it since I got the F100.

Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5 Kit - $150
This is the war/pre-war version, whichever one didn't have any chrome parts. I've patched some pinholes in the bellows with india ink and pva glue, and this may need to be done again as its sometimes sticky. Comes with 9 film holders, some of which still have film in them (Arista EDU) (11 pictured, but I have to return two to Valerie). Also comes with plywood case, two other lenses (unknown working condition), three flash sticks, and extra body that has been used for parts, and the plug cables for the flashes. I've used this one as recently as November and obtained perfect results with no light leaks. Shutter on the camera works perfectly, but accuracy is unknown. Like I said, I got negatives.

Majestic Tripod - $95
This thing is sturdy! Could use a little WD40 to lube the crank etc, but works fine.

3 Graflex 4x5 holders - $30
In original box, and appear to never have been used. Wood is not scuffed at all, and all dark slides are unscratched.

Polaroid 420 - $25
Comes with case, focused flash, some flash cubes, some print cards, I think the manual is in there etc. I absolutely love this camera, it is one of the favorites in my collection. But I haven't used it since I put the first 3 or 4 packs through it, and the 360 has taken its place. So its got to go. Still has juice in the battery, ready to shoot.

Polaroid Reporter - $20
I love this one too, but I am keeping an EE-100 model. This one has also had at least one pack of FP3000b through it and it works fine.

Bencini Koroll 24s - $15
I bought two of these half frame cameras, and have only ever use one, and I'm keeping the other. They take 120 film and shoot 3x4.5 negatives. Yes its possible, see the thread somewhere on APUG. We've already had the discussion.

Argus C3 Kit - $20
From an estate sale box. Never had film in it in my possession. Has the case, manuals, flash, filters, light meter, field cover, etc.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye #1 - $10
Shutter clicks. Haven't had film in this particular one yet. Was going to use it for parts to refurb my other three. Just needs a cleaning. Comes with Flash.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye #2 - $7
Shutter clicks. Haven't had film in this one either. Also intended for parts, but with cleaning would work. Small crack in lens glass, not an image issue.

Agfa Sillette Type 4 (I think) - $10
Seems to work. Another estate sale camera. Never tried film in it.

Gossen Pilot Meter - $15
Dont know anything about it, except that the needle moves.

Sekonic Meter - $20
In original box, with manual. Dont know anything about this one either, except that the needle moves.

Bag of cable releases - $30
Bought this bag from Daniel. Kept the one that I wanted for my Blad, and passing on the rest.

Revere 8mm camera - $5
With original manual. Still has film inside (found that out by accidently but quickly opening the thing).

Popular flash - $5
Dont even know if this is worth the postage, but hey one man's junk....

Print Dryer - $25
Will dry up to 11x14. Canvas is in great shape. No rust. I have used it once in the year I had it, and after that one time I'm quite certain I'll never do fiber paper.