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Try http://www.stonemills.net and look at "inventory lists "on the left. Prices could be a bit high... But it is new stuff!
Thanks, I did that and Bob sent me the lists straight away. Pretty extensive inventory of a lot of the little bits that must be pretty hard to find anywhere else.

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Here is an additional web site to check to get some information on the 138. It has good descriptions and some history on the enlarger as well as giving you some idea on how it all goes together. I think you will find the prices a bit high for some of the parts though.
Checked it out, great info - but you weren't kidding about the prices!

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The LADANE 138 inserts into the NEGA 138 to allow you to print roll film from 35mm to 120. As you know by now this enlarger is built like a tank. It is an exceptionally stable piece of equipment. One piece of advice though is not to try and adjust the tensioning springs on either half of the enlarger without the proper instructions or tools.
Ok, now it makes sense - I kept looking at that wondering how that works. Thanks Gord. I'm dyin' to get this cleaned up and going, but fortunately for my checkbook I have some time to wait for good prices on the required condensers and such while I get the darkroom built.
I knew the Durst was a great machine before I saw one in person, but I'm amazed at the quality (and size!) of the beast. They were clearly not intended for the amateur photo market.