Here's the the "middle of the road" lens in my kit. Actually my most-used lens thus far. I'm going to a smaller, leaner, and lighter kit for my 8x10 work.

I'm open to TRADING this lens for a Fujinon-C 450mm lens. Preferably black-ringed shutter, but open to silver-ringed ones too. As long as its EBC(are they all?) coated, I'm open to it as a trade. Understand there might be a price-differential, so I might be able to add some ca$h from my end to even things out price-wise.

Here's the breakdown on this lens:

-Ilex #4 mounted. Speeds are "fine" according to Carol Flutot's shutter tester(as of testing it last month whilst dropping by with a lens for repair). She said they were good. So I'll hinge my film exposed with this lens, and her experience as testament to it :-)
-There is some internal dust. Not uncommon whatsoever with these repro lenses. It hasn't seemed to affect my shots so far, I shot 90% color transparency btw, so I like having "well exposed, well done" film at the end of the day! 2nd picture(below) shows some of the "dust" in broad, harsh sunlight. Properly shaded, its hard to make out, honestly.
-I have a "home brew" step-up ring addition(DIY) on this lens so I can attach 77mm components(like a LEE hood, or 77mm filters). It IS removable, but I'll leave that up to you if you want it removed.
-Lencaps pictured are what is included with lens. Off-brand 77mm "Canon" snap-cap, and a slip-on plastic cap for the rear.

Asking $650 OBO shipped in the USA
Paypal if we split fees 50/50, or a USPS Money Order
Int'l buyers please add $35 for extra shipping costs via Priority Mail int'l.

*lensboard pictured isn't included in asking price, but can be included for another $25.*


more pictures can be seen here: