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I think that your view master model is a good direction. Your shutter could be a slit that exposes the film as it rotates when you press the trigger.
Or the film cartridge could be fixed and the trigger rotates a disk with the slit. This might be interesting in that each shot would have a slightly different perspective.
You are going to have to correlate the width of the slit with the speed of advance by the trigger and the focal length of camera for a proper exposure.

Very similar to this http://www.noblexcanada.com/noblexproducts.htm
In all slit-scan panoramic cameras, may they employ a swivelling lens on static film, or a rotating camera and counterwise runnig film, there is no image-to-film movement.

In your proposal the film would move on the disc while the camera or the lens is static. Or do I miss something?