Lianna, what you have in mind to do is somewhat reminiscent of the Chevet-Wild Endoscopographe. This beast was patented in France -- sorry, I don't have the patent number -- by C.N.R.S. Google will find a few references to it.

It is an SLR with a polaroid back that took six shots -- circular ones, arranged in a circle -- on a sheet of polaroid film. The shutter was cocked and the film advanced -- well, not advanced, positioned for the next shot -- by rotating the back. The shutter was a piece of spring-loaded sheet metal that was released by pressing a trigger.

Ideas for you to steal: the shutter design, cocking shutter by moving the disk that holds the film.

Ideas you don't want to steal: SLR, trigger shutter release with linkage, nearly everything else about the camera. Heavy thing, all metal, was intended to connect to an endoscope.