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Really? Why? My best used purchases are usually from pros. 1- when your income is dependent on the condition of your equipment, you usually treat it better, and make sure it gets regular maintenance. 2- they know the equipment's functionality. None of the "as-is", "it looks like it works", "I can't test it" stuff you'll see on many sales.
I'm not a pro photographer. I come from construction (Sheet Metal Workers Local 36). I have owned and used many of my own tools as well as the bosses" tools. I have always taken care of all the tools that I used because like you said my income was dependent on my tools. I also wore out a lot of tools.

To a professional photographer a camera and lenses are tools whether they belong to him or his boss. I'm sure they are taken care of and most of the time properly maintained. The problem is they are used up. For example there are a lot of 4x5 Sinar P monorails on Ebay with a lot of slop in them from just being used to death. I would much rather buy a Hasselblad from an amateur then from a pro. Even with a CLA every few years normal maintenance, there are a lot of mechanical parts inside the camera to wear out.

I try to buy my gear in great shape from knowledgeable amateurs.