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As has been said, I couldn't see what there was to shout about with the horizontal titanium shutter blinds when the rubberised fabric blinds in most SLRs will outlast me (I'll try to resist the urge to point the cameras at the sun with MLU engaged!) Pentax seemed to have the vertical running metal shutters well sorted in the ME, K2, etc. (were they in fact Seiko?) and yet apparently the horizontal titanium jobs were sometimes prone to cracking.
Can't say that I've heard any such issues with regards to cracking on the LX - as well as all the PRO interchangeable viewfinders of the era?
I also wonder about any other issues reported whether or not they are just hearsay or because they picked up a malfunctioning LX to begin with such as reported by R.C. I have bought my fair share of various cameras (brands and models) and I can say that I have acquired some that are not factory functional and not just out of tolerance. But both LX's I have acquired used/secondhand are troublefree. More anecdotal reporting.

In any case, research has led me to acquire the magazine reviews back in the day when they would actually disassemble the cameras to see just how they were constructed and there was no reviewer doubting the construction of the LX particularly compared to it's peers. Pentax was all-in from parts selection, sophisticated design and manufacturing.

However, there is no doubt that not everyone may need - nor even use, the sophisticated metering of the LX, it's robust construction, weatherproof seal, finder/screen options, accurate film advance and rewind, modern TTL flash accuracy and world of system options. Personally I like the elegant minimalist design that did away with adding a viewfinder blind (as the meter is not influenced by light coming into the VF) as well as multiexposure control (film can be rewound and advanced frame accurate).

No doubt that if you need the unique sophisticated functionalities of the LX, they're good to have . . .