I have owned and used the LX for a number of years. Having little experience with most other camera brands I really cannot comment on them, but I can attest to my own experience with the LX. It is my most used 35mm camera. In the years I have been shooting the LX I have never had a problem with cracking shutter curtains or many of the other things reported here. However, my oldest camera did start having some minor problems with the mirror sticking, so I sent it in for an overhaul. I have since picked up two more bodies that each work perfectly, but my first one still gets the lions share of the work and continues to hold up very, very well. Occasionally I read about someone who has had some problems with their LX, but this has certainly not been my own experience with them.

When I absolutely have to get the shot, this is my camera. It goes to all the family events. The viewfinder is stunningly bright, the brightest I have ever seen, and I can easily grab focus manually, even in some very poorly lit situations. I also own an M6 and Leica rangefinders are renowned for their low light focusing ability, but this LX will focus just as well as the M6. The metering is phenomenal, and it is very rare to miss the exposure. It is also amazingly flexible. If I see a situation where I want to grab a shot from a very low perspective, and am not in a position to lie down (like the middle of Disneyland), I can quickly remove the prism viewfinder, kneel down holding the camera near my feet, focus by looking down into the ground glass where the missing viewfinder prism would be like I was using a Rolleiflex, check my exposure, and get the shot. I don't know of many other cameras that can do that.

Obviously it isn't perfect, I can't think of a camera that is. As many, many people have moaned about, you cannot use mirror lock up and the self timer together. It is one or the other, but not both. I wear eyeglasses that darken in the bright sun and sometimes I can't see the shutter speed LED in the viewfinder without taking them off. Another thing that bothers some people is the lack of auto exposure lock. This is not a big issue for me since I can quickly switch to manual exposure if I need. I have heard a few complaints about the Pentax Magic Fingers on the film take up spool, but that is a terrific feature in my opinion. Once I actually figured out how that works I have never mis-loaded another roll of film, even in the dark.

And all of this goes without mentioning the magnificent lenses that can be used on this camera. The SMC Pentax M 50/1.4 is in the top tier of lenses, no matter who built them. Finally, put the SMC Pentax 40/2.8 pancake on the front and you have a 35mm SLR that literally can slide into a coat pocket and go with you anywhere you go.

No...not a heretic...you are just missing out on one of the best 35mm cameras ever built. But, as Les has mentioned, not everyone needs the features provided with this camera, some of which are not available on any other camera.