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I believe those photos are actually a cyclone, Cyclone Narelle, which is off the north-west coast.
Nope, that was a mere precursor to the main show

"BOM Regional Manager of Climate Services Glenn Cook said the dust storm was not directly related to Tropical Cyclone Narelle because the centre of the cyclone was hundreds of kilometres off."

The above snippet came from news.com.au and, from the stats they were throwing around, Cyclone Narelle was still around 36 hours away from making landfall. I do love the Aussie's knack for general understatement; further on in the article
"Climate information officer John Relf said...

"And it got a bit squally at 7.09am..."
"If it's pretty dry inland, boom, there you go."

Yeah, 120kmph wind gusts, just a "bit squally" and the "boom, there you go" reads so much like "And Bob's your uncle".