I went to look at this washer this evening. It was a Prowash by Dunwright & Vogel. It seemed to be in fairly good shape, but was incomplete. No hoses, no instructions, I had no idea how many of the thin plastic rods there was supposed to be. I passed on it but told the lady I would try to find some more info online. There doesn't seem to be much except a one page diagram that really didn't seem to informative at least to my eyes. I asked her what the best she would do on the price but she was set on $100. I couldn't see spending that without at least the manual that I could take into a plumbing supply store that would make it easier to buy the hoses and fittings and give me some idea of what goes where. I mean there was one large tube near the top of the case and three smaller tubes (with threading) near the bottom and one of these bottom tubes had a cap screwed onto it. Really, I had no idea what I was looking at and there isn't much online to go by. Maybe I'll wait a week or two and call her back. If she still has it, she may be more inclined to accept an offer.