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There seems to be a lot of wet plate work in Europe. Does anyone know where those folks get their silver nitrate? I would think/i.e. totally guess that would be the only real "issue chemical".
I have said this before, and want to repeat it: I want to seek photographic asylum in the States!!

Denise: Here in Europe (and certainly here in Denmark) ALL chemistry are "issue chemicals"!
I can get some, as I work as a teacher in a school, but as a private person: forget it!

For some chemicals, ex potassium dichromate, I even have to seek police permit to get it....

We're all potential terrorists - or the Nanny society wants to protect us and our neighbourgs... or we have to protect the nature.. take your pick.

(I had a student from Italy: he told he liked his country, as everything is forbidden, but nobody cares.... )