desertrat....and odd reply but thanks for doing so regardless.

"thank the Lord and the Queen that Harman is still interested in developing your orphan film" - Ilford Pan F+ cannot be called orphaned I don't think. And given that Ilford's entire business is the creation of film and development\printing of it, if they weren't interested in dev'ing photographers exposed films, they'd be in a spot of trading bother.

But yeah...I appreciate the w\c 7th Jan issue but I just thought 11\12 days (it will be two weeks come Monday) was a touch excessive for three rolls of film. I appreciate the "no point dev'ing until we have a big batch" but that doesn't help me especially. Call me selfish, but I want the fruits of my labour ASAP and don't want to wait for two dozen other photographers to get round to posting their endeavors until processing mine.