Steve, I live in an island that is 9x5 and until Jessop moved in we had 2 very good and long established photography shops, one great for all things darkroom, both equipment and materials, selling all Agfa and Ilford and with a treasure trove of darkroom equipment, enlargers both new and secondhand, plus everything else you could ever need the other, just around the corner, great for smaller stuff and film, Jessops bought out the first, and within days the second floor with all the enlargers went, the papers and chemicals went, all execpt for Jessops own brand, but for a while the prices stayed competive, then within a year the shop around the corner was forced to close, it could not compete with Jessops, this after 2 generations of the same family running the shop,Within a few weeks film stock was reduced in Jessops to just a few Ilford films, 5 rolls of HP5 and a few of other Ilford films, a handfull of color films, and the prices of the few films available doubled, so film and darkroom supplies all became, for me, mail order, but if I ran short I could get one or two to tide me over, Now we have no photographic shop at all, and also Jessops also drove the mini labs out of busines, now they are gone we have nowhere on island left to get films processed,