Kent, the 127/4.7 Ektar is a tessar type. Ain't no way it is a wide angle lens.

In addition to the wide angles suggested (Angulon, WW Aristostigmat) you might think about a Wide Field Ektar (read about all Ektars here: or a Cooke Ser. VIIb. You might also want to consider a Wollensak wide angle, see .

All of these but the Angulon and (I think) the Wollys are 4 elements in 4 groups double Gauss types. The f/9.5 Wolly is an 8/4 double Gauss, I'm not sure what the f/12.5 is. I have and use an 80/6.3 WF Ektar, am very happy with it; not for you 'cos it won't cover 4x5. I have and don't use a 100/6.3 WW Aristostigmat; it isn't much good at large apertures, using it as a normal lens on a 2x3 Speed Graphic makes no sense.

Finally, Schneider brought f/8 Super Angulons to market in 1956. They'd just meet your mid-50s criterion and are very fine lenses.

Dagors' coverage is frequently disputed. My friend Eric Beltrando wrote a ray-tracing program and has used it to evaluate lens designs, got most of the prescriptions from patents. He has told me pointedly that f/6.8 and f/7.7 Dagor types cover at best 70 degrees and for stringent applications shouldn't be counted on for more than 55 degress. Visit to learn more. f/8 and f/9 wide angle Dagors have more coverage, are typically very expensive.