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This isn't just about the demise of one multiple photographic retailer, but about the death of the high street which most consumers won't realize until it's gone, and as long as people use the shops for them to handle and demonstrate the products and buy them on-line the decline will continue.
It's a complex issue but I know from experience that when a town/city has good shops they are enjoyable places to shop and busy. My local town centre is dying partially killed by recent new developments which took the big stores like Boots, M&S etc off the High Street, however the county town Worcester (actually a small city) thrives with few empty shops. I can think of other places like that as well but also unexpected exceptions.

I think when shops sell what people actually want they do well, LCE in Worcester sells new (digital) and secondhand (a good selection of analog & digital) at reasonable prices, there's always customers when I go in.

Away from photography (although they do sell frames) one gift shop always amazes me, it's small but has a good turnover because the stock is constantly changing, there plenty of items items in various prices bands.