You will likely get a better price selling on a forum like this, but as others have stated, such sales are based on trust. If this forum works like most others, once you have agreed on a price and shipping method and insurance etc. with a buyer, they send you the money and then you send them the product. There is almost no protection what so ever for the buyer. You could just run with their money. You could send them something else worth far less. You could send them broken equipment, etc. and they have little or no legal recourse. That is why trust is so important.

Ebay has a bit more protection built in but many other inherent risks as well. There are lots and lots of unscrupulous folks prowling around there. Selling it at a store is the safest way to go for either party. They will fully inspect it and make sure of it's condition and then pay you right there. They get the equipment, you get the money. But the down side is that they will only pay you about 50% of what they intend to sell it for!

Probably the best solution is to find a local customer who can come and inspect the equipment before paying you.

By the way, if you really don't know much about this equipment as you say, I can tell you that it is all very nice equipment. The Mamiya stuff isn't all that valuable (comparatively) but is quite popular so you should have no problem finding a buyer. The Linhoff is considerably more valuable, but also demand is a bit lower as no nearly as many folks are using large format. But it looks to be in very nice condition.

Good Luck! (to you and your buyers)