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I was wondering about the feasibility of certain approaches to making full sized negatives for alternative processes that call for them. The starting point is an existing 35mm color negative. The easiest analog approach would be to put the negative into a slide copier, and shoot it onto black and white negative film. Hopefully this would create a black and white positive that could be enlarged onto large film for the final negative.

Has anyone done this before? Is the orange mask of the color negative of concern/should I add cyan filtration? I realize there is some experimentation to be had, but am interested in others' thoughts/ideas.

An alternative would be to make a color slide, eg using ECP-2 color print film, but this involves additional expense. And if then making a negative from it onto anything but panchromatic film, there would be color shifts.

hi there

why don't you make whatever sized b/w print from the slide you want, the image will be a negative ..
THEN go to a copy shop and have an analog xerox made ... then take a cookie sheet / hot plate
and some parafin and wax the xeroxed negative to make it translucent. i have been making paper negatives for cyanotypes
this way, and the first black and white photographs / salt prints were made with paper negatives.
it doesn't take long to wax the paper, and it is kind of fun to be able to see your fingers through the paper
i have gotten good exposures in winter sun mid day and late afternoon at 40 mins maybe a little more maybe a little less
with an exposure unit i am sure it would be a fraction of that.

have fun !