As someone said on another analogue site, called FADU and with a lot of members in the U.K. it's the speed with which this happened that seems strange. It is just after Christmas when such a chain might have expected to have done enough business to allow a review and yet it has gone from administration about a week ago to all stores closed yesterday.

Even Comet in the U.K. was able to give about 2 months notice of closure and under U.K. law the company has to have a 90 day consultation period with its workforce during which it has to pay its employees so why not sell stock and conduct an orderly closure?

There seems something strange in the way it has gone over the cliff at this speed. More to the whole end game than meets the eye I suspect but what that might be I have no idea. A great shame for all its employees. Losing your job with no notice is bad enough at any time but just after Christmas has to be one of the worst times