The reason I was so anxious this afternoon was that I had run out of benzotriazole and the only thing I had as a substitute was potassium bromide, KBr. But I had forgotten what the ratio was for a simple 10% solution. WHAT A DUMMY!

I called Kodak and suffice it to say, they were no help. The rep has not called with the answer as he said he would. He questioned me where I heard of KBr and I said that AA's "The Print" had it listed as an anitfog chemical. He said, "why don't I ask him?" I said that I do not talk with the dead.

I called Calumet and they said they had discontinued the Zone VI bottled benzotriazole, because of the proliferation of the "D" word.

So I called Photographer's Formulary. The girl who answered, the receptionist, knew the answer! Maybe she wasn't the receptionist but I was very very impressed! She had it right on the tip of her tongue.

Suffice it to say, I am a Photographer's Formulary customer from now on!

BTW, they do sell powdered benzotriazole.