I've done an experiment with GIMP, a color temperature conversion script, and the shots I posted back in #2 above. Looks like an 82C filter might be the ticket for this film. The photos on the left are as-scanned from my Epson. The photos on the right were adjusted using a color correction script to apply a Wratten 82C filter to them.

CR200-001.jpg CR200-001-82C.jpg
CR200-002.jpg CR200-002-82C.jpg
CR200-003.jpg CR200-003-82C.jpg

To my eye, on my uncalibrated monitor, there's still a slight yellow cast to these post-adjustment but not objectionable. It keeps some of the warmth of the film without making everyone look like they have a severe case of jaundice. Incidentally, these were all shot with electronic flash.