Hey all,

Well my(former) KMV is now with its new owner(enjoy it Christopher!), so here's the adapter board up for sale. I'm moving to Arca-Swiss, so this is now "redundant" equipment in need of a new home.
I patiently waited for 9 weeks for this adapter to be made by the guys @ SKGrimes, and they did a wonderful job.
Base lensboard is one of the newer ones from Michael Smith(@$140 alone for that), and this whole thing set me back $400+shipping in total.

***This adapter board works on a 8X10 Kodak Master(KMV) camera to use Sinar lensboards***
This provides a much cheaper alternative to finding NOS boards(almost impossible IMO). Since Sinar/Horseman boards can be sourced for ~$15-35 usually, they're much cheaper(and plentiful) than KMV boards.

Yours for $385 shipped in the USA
Int'l add $20 for extra priority mail shipping costs.
Paypal if we split the fees 50/50, or a USPS Money Order for US-based folk.

Yes, its not much of a "price break", but you don't have to wait 3 months now do ya ?

Has some black gaffers tape on the light trap ridge on the back of the board. I found that it was a little bit loose fitting on my KMV for my tastes, so I wanted to make sure it didn't slide around. Easily removed if you want to. But I'll leave it there for the sale.