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Any chance you are confusing fluid ounces with weight ounces?
Uh oh... (Mark looks up "Fluid Ounce" in Wikipedia). Hey! A fluid ounce is a measure of volume, not weight. Grrr!! That explains the odd result from the numbers on the bottle. Knowing this, the syringe-measurement that says 6 ml of HC110 weighs 7.2 g is probably correct. I expect you to weigh out your HC110 from now on.

Back to D316.
I said in an earlier posting that toes are slightly softer but hard to tell. I saw an unusually soft toe with Delta 400, so I'm running strips on it. The curves:


Red is Xtol; black is D316. Green is D316 but the half of the strip with more flare, and it serves as a second opinion of the toe. That toe is enough longer that it concerns me. D316's grain is finer, but would this longer toe cause significantly darker shadows than Xtol?