I dusted off my old Mamiya RB67 and 645 this weekend. I'm planning on ordering some B&W film this week. For many years I used Tri X for 35mm; I can't remember ever using Tri X for 120 though. I do remember the very visible amount of grain with 35mm Tri X. While it was a nice effect with 35mm, I would like to achieve a cleaner image with 120 B&W; less grain, medium contrast, more defined tones.

I plan on shooting a mix of portraits and landscapes. Any suggestions?

Looks like my ISO 400 choices at B&H are:

- Rollei/Agfa Retro 400S

- Fomapan Action 400

- Tri X

P.S. I don't plan on developing the rolls myself; I will be sending the negatives out for developing and I will scan them once I get them Or have them scanned during developing).