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If you really liked Tri-X 35mm and just wished for less grain... then stepping up to 120 will give you less grain on the same film.

I have grown fond of certain TMAX-400 characteristics. I like the fine grain, sharpness and the fact I don't really need a yellow filter to get detail in the skies. There's a different reciprocity failure curve too.

None of this is earth-shattering. But those are differences that you might expect to see when you change film.

If you just move to 120 size then everything you remember still holds true.

Thanks Bill! I was wondering the exact thing you mentioned; if going from 35 to 120 would appear to have less grain due to being a larger format. My biggest issue with 35mm Tri-X was the higher contrast/less tonality in mid to lower tones. I'm hoping to increase IQ with a lower grain film.