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how about something like the old polaroid 500 portrait camera
3 levers/buttons you push down. each one is a shutter that exposes at 1/60 o r80 o r40 or whatever
the film doesn't need to move at all, u have 3 different cheap plastic meniscus lenses and a little box around
each of the films / lenses like an egg carton.
you push 3 times that's it
send it in to be processed, remove the flm fold it in half and send it back to you
to have the shutter rods pulled out, shutters cocked and 3 more flms installed.
have fuN ( fun project ! )
Okay everyone, this may be it...

What if the camera was almost like 3 mini cameras in one? What I mean by this is the film would be stationary within the camera and there would be 3 lenses and 3 shutters (one for each exposure) like John is saying here. When you click the shutter release button, it releases a guillotine-type shutter (I'd like to laser cut plastic for the guillotine mechanism) and the shutter release button stays down. And again for picture no. 2 and 3. Because this is a gravity shutter, it means that the camera cannot take portrait photos (something that I may be okay with sacrificing). Does anyone foresee any problems with this?