Thanks, Mark. I've certainly got my fingers crossed for a symposium. It follows close behind World Peace and Universal Science Literacy on my wish list (and hopefully more attainable.)

Regarding the issue of buying chemicals. Artists will prevail. No one has ever imagined that photography is a cheap date. Even smart phone pics come at a price. If the cost of silver nitrate tripled, d.i.y. would still cost less than commercial film, not to mention the cost of ink cartridges, high end baryta inkjet paper, and Pictorico.

Ron, tell me again why people would take the GEH workshops if they think they won't be able to get the materials someday?

On a proof-of-optimism note, Henk Mantel, a.k.a. "Polder", is the latest Light Farm contributor. He lives in Germany and with a little digging (well, maybe a lot ) he has put together the materials he needs to start making emulsions. As I mentioned before, wet plate, which takes a lot more silver nitrate and is a whole lot more hazardous than silver gelatin, is alive and well in Europe. If there are challenges along the way to making our art, I think it makes the achievements all the more sweet.

Here's Henk's first article:

Enjoy! I certainly did.